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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Please make an end-of-season donation to NEMBA's Annual Fund so we can continue to build a better New England for mountain biking!


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As someone passionate about mountain biking, please make an end-of-season donation to NEMBA's Annual Fund. Your support will help NEMBA continue to build a strong future for mountain biking in New England.

NEMBA needs your donation to keep our organization strong and allow us to work for you to create better places to ride. Please show your commitment to mountain biking. Your contribution to NEMBA is an investment that will provide great dividends for you to realize your passion for riding.

We know that mountain biking is good for our bodies, our communities, our kids, our trails and in many cases, local economies. We can't imagine a world without it. That's why NEMBA exists -- to protect the trails we ride, safeguard and promote our sport, and create new riding opportunities. For that, we need your financial support.

You are part of a strong community of mountain bikers committed to creating epic riding experiences, preserving open space, and guiding the future of our sport. Your end-of-season gift to our Annual Fund helps us realize these efforts and fuels our advocacy efforts. Please be as generous as you can.

Not only does NEMBA act locally for our sport, but we also play a strong role regionally and nationally to foster and protect our sport. We have taken a strong stand against allowing electric mountain bikes on singletrack. We have supported the movement to allow mountain biking in Wilderness. And we were one of the largest donors to protect the iconic Sidewinder trail and open space at Kingdom Trails.

2015 has been a great year. We're growing every day and we're increasing our capacity to give back to the trails. No matter where you are, you'll be able to find great people with whom to ride. Our new website makes it easy to connect to our NEMBA chapters and get involved in the mountain bike community.  With hundreds of trail care events, thousands of rides, and plenty of skills clinics and educational events, there is something for you to do almost every day. We're building new trails, developing new partnerships, getting more families out on the trail and getting more and more people hooked on mountain biking.

Your financial support helps make all this possible.

Our Kona Bicycles Mountain Bike Adventure Series raises thousands of dollars for state parks and open spaces, and the NEMBAfest at Kingdom Trails has become the premier mountain bike event in the northeast. Whether you live in the mountains of Maine or the southern coast of Connecticut, NEMBA is there to provide epic places to ride and you'll always find friends to ride with, new and old.

Please support the future of mountain biking with your donation. In 2016 we'll be holding another regional mountain bike summit to continue to build the next generation of advocates for our sport. We'll be putting on more events and seek mountain bike access to new parks and open spaces.

We also need to be vigilant. There are still groups and state agencies who would ban us from the trails and we are working hard to combat these prejudices.  NEMBA needs to stay strong -and get stronger-so that we can counter these biased policies and promote logical management of our public lands that includes mountain biking.

Your financial support keeps us strong so we can protect your access to trails.

NEMBA is the largest regional mountain bike advocacy group in the world, and it is because of riders like you that we remain at the cutting edge of our movement. We hope you agree that mountain biking is good for the trails, good for the community and good for the planet. Help us work to make the world a better place for riding.

Please be as generous as you can with your donation - every dollar counts.

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Philip Keyes
Executive Director

PS. Donate $100 and you'll become part of NEMBA's Headcap Leadership Society and you'll also receive digital subscription to Dirt Rag Magazine. Donate $250 and we'll throw in a set of Maxxis Kevlar tires, or donate $500 and become one of the elite riders with a gold NEMBA headcap!

However, we need and appreciate any size donation. Please give what you can.

Also, check to see if your company matches your donation - this can be a great way to double your donation.