Advisory about Huntington State Park

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Just a reminder to everyone that is riding Huntington, please make sure you abide by park rules and regulations:

  • Dogs are only allowed at Huntington on leash, this is a SERIOUS recurring theme against mountain bikers from CT DEEP, Rangers and other trail users.
  • Stay on trails and avoid braids
  • Get CT DEEP approval to build or modify trails, otherwise don’t touch the trail!
  • Please do not park on the Mountain Laurel in the lower Dodgingtown parking lot.
  • Please slow down and be courteous to other trail users
  • Night Riders – be aware the Park Rangers will begin ticketing cars in lots after sun down as the park is closed at sun down.

Huntington is an amazing place to ride and we need to remember our access is a privilege and not a right.