NEMBA Trail Grants - History

This page summarizes the NEMBA Trail Grant program over the years. It's useful to new applicants to see examples of what has been funded in the past.


Spring 2020


Abington, MA: SE MA NEMBA was awarded a $500 grant to build an 80’ long bridge to get a trail up and out of a water crossing that is wet year-round. The trail is a double track trail, and is one of the park access points for rescue vehicles, and as such, the proposed bridge will be located in the woods adjacent to the double track, so that emergency vehicles can cross. In addition to building a bridge, the park has approved a small extension to the existing trail connection, that will enable trail users to get off the double track trail, and on to single track.


Ledyard, CT: An Eagle Scout in SE CT NEMBA region’s Nathan Lester Property received a $500 grant. Located in the Town of Ledyard the trail system is currently designed in a way that limits use to hikers and dog walkers.  The project proposal includes adding MTB trail riding capabilities (single track) and the following: 1. Creating a bike station for parking and light maintenance/repair of bikes, 2. Cutting at least one new trail on the recently acquired 25 acres, 3. Updating and improving the markings for the existing trails and any new trails. 4. Longer term plans will include connecting with the nearby Atkinson property, and adding to the Great Oak Greenway.


Voluntown, CT: In February 2020, the Quiet Corner chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association (QC NEMBA) completed a yearlong project and finished building two new trails in the Green Falls area of Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown, CT. The trails added an additional 4 miles of multi-use trails. These trails will be used not only by mountain bikers, but also hikers, runners, and horseback riders. The trails have several stream crossings that will require bridges. The initial estimate is over 50’ of bridging will be needed. Quiet Corner NEMBA was awarded $500 for this project.


Bradford & Charlestown RI: Rhode Island NEMBA was awarded $500 to build map and info kiosks at both ends of a new trail between Burlingame State Park and Woody Hill Reserve. These areas are popular Mountain Bike areas and are close to each other but required about 2.5 miles on busy Rt 216.  The new trail reduces the time on the road by +90%.   The kiosks will provide a trail map and info about No Go areas that will border the trail.  This new trail will be within the borders of the Towns of Charlestown and Westerly.


N. Easton MA: SE MA NEMBA was awarded a provisional $500 grant to help fund a Kid’s Trail Network at Borderland State Park in N Easton. They have applied for a large Recreational Trail Grant and if they get It this award will help to offset their match.



Fall 2019


Hampton & Chaplin CT: The Quiet Corner chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association received a $400 grant to construct a bridge on the new orange trail at James L. Goodwin State Forest in Hampton & Chaplin, CT. The bridge will span a 24-foot gap at a stream crossing. There were wood planks in place, but an actual constructed wooden bridge will make it safer for all trail users to cross the stream as well as reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.


Harwinton, CT: NWCT NEMBA received a $500 grant. They have worked with the Town of Harwinton to take over stewardship of the trails in the Conservation and Recreation Area developing over 3 1/2 miles of additional multi use (mountain biking) trails in the area.  The grant will be used to build a quantity of 4 - 8 foot sections of boardwalk would be completed to cross wet areas. They will preserve the natural areas along side of the trail preventing erosion as well as be a safer crossing option.



Spring 2019


Mendon, MA: Blackstone Valley NEMBA received a $500 grant to build a 100’ raised bed turnpike structure on Shirley’s Trail in the Mendon Town Forest. This trail is used by everyone as it’s the main trail leading from the Town Forest’s main entrance.


Hamden, CT: SE CT NEMBA received a $500 grant to reopen 3 trails near the parking area at West Rock Ridge State Park, Main Street, Hamden.  The grant will be used to buy tools to rebuild these key trails and to improve other trails in the park.


Franconia, NH: Franconia Area NEMBA received a $500 grant to improve their trail signage, and better defining our trail heads.  This grant will provide funding for the completion of a new multi-paneled entrance sign, provide for printing of several trail maps and informational signs to complement their website information.   They will also generate additional trails signs to better define their trail heads and reduce ambiguity at intersections found on the valley trails.  The grant will focus on Dow Park and connecting trails emanating from there, but it will serve to set a standard for all the trails heads in the network.


Burlington, CT: NW CT NEMBA Received a $500 grant to install a bike rack at the Burlington Public Library. The library sits in the center of their small town, in the middle of Burlington’s extensive mountain bike trail system. This will not only promote biking but also improve the optics of our chapter with the local residents and other library visitors.


Hadley, MA: Pioneer Valley NEMBA received a $495 grant to This project will take place at Earl’s Trails in the Holyoke Range. The project will improve a section of existing trail by removing a dilapidated bridge across a stream, closing the section of trail around the old bridge where the stream banks have eroded and collapsed, rerouting the trail to a different location using sustainable trail-building techniques, installing a boardwalk across a wet area, installing a new bridge at the new location across the stream, and removing the old bridge and remediating the eroded banks.  The trail improvements are on Hampshire College property falling within a Conservation Restriction managed by Kestrel Land Trust.


Voluntown, CT: Quiet Corner NEMBA received a $500 grant to purchase tools to build a 4–5 mile trail in the Green Falls area of Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown. The trail work will consist of thick underbrush clearing, removal of trees/roots, benching, and clean up.


Topsham, ME: Six Rivers NEMBA received a $500 grant to purchase high quality decking screws for bridges that they are building at the Topsham Pond Trail system in Topsham, ME. They have built over 6 miles of trails and will be constructing multiple bridges with donated lumber.



Fall 2018


Barnstable, MA: Cape Cod NEMBA was awarded $500 to complete two projects in the town of Barnstable’s West Barnstable Conservation Area. The deck at Walker Point overlook will be power washed, repaired and stained. While the picnic kiosk at the Farmersville Rd. parking lot (Big Ring Lot) will be shingled.


Orland, ME: The Great Pond Mountain Conservation Land Trust in Orland, ME received a $500 grant for trail tools. The “Wildlands” is their flagship property at approximately 4,500 acres, features over 25 miles of trail, and contains six mountain peaks. Many of the trails, are “legacy” type trails that were poorly constructed and require a lot of maintenance. The land trust will be working with PR NEMBA to make the trails more sustainable.


Thomaston, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA was awarded a $500 grant to partially fund a 400’ boardwalk on a newly constructed 3-mile machine-built trail in the Thomaston Town Forest. They will be working with the Georges River Land Trust, Sidecountry Sports and others to build tis beginner friendly trail.


Burlington, CT: NW CT NEMBA received a $492 grant to update existing and add additional trail blazing using plastic trail markers in lieu of traditional painted blazes. New plastic markers will be applied to trail systems in Harwinton and Burlington. The new trail markers will both improve the ease of navigation and improve the optics of our chapter with trail users and land managers.  


Bradford, RI: RI NEMBA received a $500 grant to purchase chainsaw safety equipment to meet the necessary requirements for using a chainsaw on town property in Bradford we are requesting a Trail Grant of $500 to help provide required PPE and First Aid Kits. They are building a trail system on propriety of the Westerly Municipal Land Trust. This area is commonly known as Woody Hill.


Spring 2018


Franconia, NH: The Franconia Area Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association received a $499 grant to obtain additional tools to facilitate our improved maintenance of beginner-intermediate terrain located in unforested terrain in the valley floor and also to better maintain remote terrain in the Cooley Jericho Community Forest near the Cooley summit.


Harwinton, CT: The town of Harwinton, CT received a $497 grant for lumber and supplies to build a bridge at the Harwinton Conservation/Recreation area. Leadmine Brook often floods and while there has been a log bridge it washed away during the last winter. The plan is to build two “floating” bridges which can be re=aligned as needed. NW CT NEMBA will be providing volunteer labor to assist in this project.


Camden, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA received a $484 grant to build a bridge to replace one that washes away frequently on private property on a local landowner. The new bridge will be 5’ longer and higher than previous bridges and should be high enough to be permanent. This bridge is on an integral section of the area’s trails.


Windham & Tolland Counties, CT: Quiet Corner NEMBA received a $500 grant to purchase tools to be used on trail projects in Mansfield Hollow, Goodwin/Natchaug, Pachaug and Bigelow. In addition QC NEMBA will be working with the DEEP to construct a new trail at Mansfield Hollow.


Exeter, RI: RI NEMBA was granted $500 to purchase tools and two BOB trailers to haul trail maintenance equipment. They will be used I the Arcadia Management Area, Big River and Woody Hill for trail projects.  They will also be available for projects in other areas.


Fall 2017


Franconia, NH: The Franconia Area chapter of the NEMBA received a $500 dollar trail grant to support their ongoing efforts to improve the ride-ability of the trail network that emanates from the Dow Park and adjacent Fox Hill Park in the center of Franconia Village. The funds will support the professional production of a large network trail map by Lincoln Signs for placement on the KIOSK, several additional trail etiquette signs pertaining to the shared trail use and the responsibilities of bikers and other users, replacement of shingles and other minor carpentry on the kiosk.


Madison, CT: NW CT NEMBA received a $500 grant to help fund the Rockland Bike Park. The pump track which this grant will prtially fun will also host skills area and a Kid's natural playground.


Windham & Tolland Counties, CT: Quiet Corner NEMBA received a $239 grant to purchas e leaf blowed to assis with tril work at Old Furnace, Goodwin-Natchaug, Green Falls and Nipmuck. 



Spring 2017

N. Conway, NH: White mountains NEMBA won a $500 grant to replace trail signs that were chewed up by bears.


Orono, ME: Penobscot Region NEMBA and the Orono Land Trust won a $500 grant to partially fund rail bed improvements on the Veazie Rail Trail. This rail trial links several local riding areas. The total cost of the project will be $50,000.

Bangor, ME: Penobscot Region NEMBA was granted $500 to repair and improve mountain Bike trails in the Essex Woods Recreation Area in Bangor ME.


Lebanon, CT: Southeast Connecticut NEMBA received $500 to purchase and install trail signage in the Mooween State Park.

Camden, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA won $500 to fund signage on trails that they have been developing on the town of Camden’s Sagamore Farm property.

Windham & Tolland Counties, CT: Quiet Corner NEMBA won a grant to purchase Rogue Hoes and Machete Saws for work on more than eight local properties.





Spring 2016


Windham & Tolland Counties, CT: Quiet Corner NEMBA received a $500 grant to partially fund a tool supply that will be used at all of their local properties.


Yarmouth, ME: Greater Portland NEMBA working with the Town of Yarmouth 's trail fund and the Royal River Conservation Trust received a $500 grant to help buy crushed stone and gravel to stabilize the trails in the West Side trail network.


Bangor, ME: Penobscot Region NEMBA won a $500 grant to rent a Muck Truck to help re-build some of the trails in the Bangor City Forest to make them more beginner/family friendly.


Burlington, CT: NW CT NEMBA received a $500 grant to purchase tools to be used to construct or improve new trails on Burlington’s’ New Britain Watershed property and Harwinton’s Roraback Wildlife Management Area.




Camden, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA won a $500 grant to build a boardwalk on property abutting the Camden Snow Bowl. 


Auburn, ME: The Auburn Lewiston YMCA won a $500 grant to develop a mountain biking trail on its 93 acre Outdoor Learning & Education Center.




Charlemont, MA: Pioneer Valley NEMBA won a $500 grant for signage in the Charlemont Trail System.


Waterville Valley, NH: Pemi Valley NEMBA got a $500 grant to partially fund A Riverside Trail Network along the West Branch of the Mad River.






Portland, ME: Greater Portland NEMBA won a $500 grant to partially pay for a tool trailer to store tools and transport them to worksites.


Nashua, NH: Brattleboro-Keene won a $500 grant to develop signage in the city of Nashua. This signage will suppot over 20 miles of town trails.




Lawrence, MA: Groundworks Lawrence won a $500 grant to pay for tools to improve the trails in the Den Rock Park.


Camden, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA won a $500 grant to but tools to do heavy construction at the Camden Snow Bowl.


Nashua, NH: Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA won a $500 grant to begin fundraising for trail projects in Keene.



N. Conway, NH: Smith Eastman Conservation Area, North Conway NH, $500 Bridge.

N Conway, NH: Nature Conservancy, Green Hills Preserve, $500 to repair trails.

Holiston, MA: Friends of Holliston Trails, $498.75, 66.5 tons of crushed concrete for railbed repairs.

Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management CommitteeVLMC, $500 for tools.

Essex, MA: North Shore NEMBA $500 to help purchase Thompson Street Gateway.



Carrabassett Valley, ME; Carrabassett Region NEMBA, $500 for tools.

Lyndenborough, NH: Lyndenborough Trail Assoc, $500 to help to repair a bridge.

Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management Committee, $500  for BOB Trailer & tools.

N. Conway, NH: White Mountain NEMBA, $500 for bridge construction.



Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management Committee, $500 for second tool cache.

Chelmsford, MA: Merrimack Valley NEMBA, $350 for Russell Mill signage.

N. Conway, NH: Black Cat Trail, $500 for trail improvements.

Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management Committee, $500 for tools.



Danville, NH: Danville Town Forest, $120 for a bridge.

Hingham, MA: Wompatuck State Park, $500 for lumber & crushed stone.

Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management Committee, $335 for tools.

Douglas, MA: Bay State Trail Riders, $500 Southern New ENgland Trunkline Trail bridge design.

Milton, MA: Blue Hills Reservation, $498.75 for tools.



Milford, MA: Vietnam Land Management Committee, $500 for tools and trailside tool cache.



E.Burke, VT: Kingdom Trails Assoc, $500 for tools.

Conway, NH: White Mountains NEMBA, $500 form apping at Echo Lake Park.

Camden, ME: Midcoast Maine NEMBA, $500 for bridges and maps @ Maine Winter Sports Complex

York, ME: Mt Agamanticus NEMBA, $500 for a boardwalk & bridges.



Wrentham, MA: SOutheast MA NEMBA, $500 for bridges in the Wrentham State Forest.

N. Conway, NH: White Mountains NEMBA, $500 for a brush cutter.

Exeter, NH: Seacoast NEMBA, $500 for a 120’ Boardwalk in the Henderson-Swazy Town Forests.



Norfolk & Middlesex Counties, MA: Blackstone Valley NEMBA, $380.14 for tools.

Foxboro, MA: SEMASS NEMBA, $500 for a bridge in the F.Gilbert Hills State Forest.

Northwood, NH: Southern NH NEMBA, $379.48 for a bridge & trailwork at Northwoods Meadows State Park 

Rhode Island: RI NEMBA Trail Patrol, $370 for equipment.

Boston, MA Area: Greater Boston NEMBA, $370 for Trail Patrol equipment.

Stoneham, MA: Greater Boston NEMBA $500 for a boardwalk in the Middlesex Fells Reservation.

N. Easton, MA: Southeast MA NEMBA, $498.20 for a bridge at Borderland State Park.

N. Conway NH: White Mountains NEMBA, $500 for a multi use bridge in North Conway.



Chelmsford, MA: Merrimack Valley NEMBA, $460 for bridges in Chelmsford'sThanksgiving Forest.

Hopkinton, MA: Blackstone Valley NEMBA, $439 for a boardwalk at Whitehall State Park.

Hingham, MA: SE MASS NEMBA, $500 to buy lumber for bridges @ Wompatuck State Park in Hingham.

Dover, MA: Naonet Woodlands Reservation, $286 for trail rehabilitation.



Lowell, MA: Merrimack Valley NEMBA, $250 for a bridge at the Lowell, Dracut, Tyngsboro State Forest.

Goshen, MA; Pioneer Valley NEMBA, $480 fo 4 bridges at the Daughters of the American Revolution State Forest.

Stoneham, MA: Greater Boston NEMBA, $500 for cellphones for the Trail Patrol.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island NEMBA, $500 for tools.

Exeter, RI: Rhode Island NEMBA, $380 for a bridge in the Arcadia Management Area.

Marshfield, MA: SE MASS NEMBA, $382 for bridges at Carolina Hills in Marshfield.

Cape Cod: Cape Cod NEMBA, $500 for tools.

Lowell, MA: Merimack Valley NEMBA, $400 for a bridge at the Lowell, Dracut, Tyngsboro State Forest.

Rhode Island: RI NEMBA, $500 to fund a Bike Patrol.



Holliston, NH: Beaver Brook Association, $500 to upgrade trails.

Upton, MA: Upton State Forest, $300 to build a trailhead parking lot.

Milton, MA: Blue Hills Trail Watch, $489 for uniforms for the trail patrol.

Georgetown & N. Andover, MA:North Shore NEMBA, $500 for bridges at theGeorgetown Rowley State Forest & Charles Ward Reservation.

Leominster, MA: Wachusett NEMBA, $500 for a bridge in the Leominster State Forest.

Michigan: Michigan Mountain Bike Association, $500  to fund their Mountain Kids Program.

Leverett, MA: Rattlesnake Gutter Trust, $500 to help fund a land acquisition.



Pochasset, MA: Mad About Cycling, $125 to purchase tools to be used at Otis.

Franklin, MA: SE MA NEMBA, $300 to purchase cellphones for the Mountain Bike Patrol.

Newburyport, MA: Maudslay State Park, $500 for fencing and signs.

Hollis, NH: Beaver Brook Association, $500 to build a bridge.

Lynn, MA: Lynn Woods, $500 for a series of bridges.

Leominster, MA: LeominsterState Forest, $500 to construct a boardwalk.

Farmington, CT: CT NEMBA, $500 for trail improvementsat the West Hartford Reservoir.

Connecticut: CT NEMBA, $500 for startup funds for patrol.



Nashua, NH: Volunteer Cyclists for a Better Mine Falls, $500 for bridges at Mine Falls and Lincoln Town Parks.