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NEMBA puts on many rides, trail care events, skills training, charity rides and lots more. Come ride with us! Come volunteer with us!

Use the search function to find the perfect event for you. You only need to use the seach field you wish. For example, you can filter for all rides by just selecting "Rides" in the event field.  Or you can select rides in your chapter by selecting both "Rides" and your "Chapter". You can also select events by state and region.

All of our rides and trail care events require that you sign our liability waiver. Click here to sign our Annual Online Smartwaiver for both our NEMBA Rides and NEMBA Trail Care Events.

 Please become a member if you come to our rides. We will provide each of these waivers at our events.

E.g., 06/13/21
E.g., 06/13/21
6/16/21 3:45pm

QC NEMBA Wednesday Women's Ride

QC NEMBA Wednesday Women's Ride SeriesWednesdays 5/5-8/25 6pm

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6/16/21 5:30pm

CR NEMBA Spinnin' Sugar Group Ride

CR NEMBA Wednesday Women's RideEvent by Spinnin' SugarSugarloaf Outdoor CenterThis is an all ability, no drop, friendly and encouraging women's ride! Bring a friend, some water, learn the trails and meeting some new women to ride with!We will ride from 5:30 - 7:30.

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6/17/21 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA Blue Hills Ride

SE MA NEMBA Blue Hills Thursday Evening RideI will be leading a regular intermediate ride on Thursdays in the Blue Hills.   Meet at 5:30. Pedal at 5:45.   Don't be late.Due to the Pandemic I'll be limiting the number of people who can take part.

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6/17/21 (All day)

CC NEMBA Buzzards Bay Bikes Ride

Buzards Bay Bike Thursday Evening RideThursday is the night we ride.Expect 5 to 7 miles of riding and about 1.5hrs of saddle time."Your only one bike ride away from a better mood".  Sign NEMBA's annual ride waiver if you haven't already done so.These rides are emant to be fun.  We'll split...

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6/17/21 6:00pm

MV NEMBA by GratefulTread Thursday Ride

This is our “Easy Rider” ride taking place at Great Brook Farm State Park.This will be a fun x-country ride. It's generally easier than our Tuesday ride, Advanced Beginner through Intermediate. The ride starts at 6:00 and lasts for 1.5-2 hours.Please let me know that you're coming or to get...

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6/19/21 (All day)

QC NEMBA Weekend Wanderings

QC NEMBA Weekend WanderingsMay - AugField trip! Enjoy a ride series with location, pace, and distance curated by our team of experienced leaders.

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6/19/21 9:00am

To Be Decided

MV NEMBA by GratefulTread Northeast MA Ride

Saturdays are our “Great Escape” ride. We change locations every week, so it's impossible to pin down exactly where we'll be riding.Best way is to either email me or be on our group mailing list.

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6/19/21 10:00am

TBD, Cape Cod or SE MAss

Cape Cod NEMBA Saturday Mellow Ride

Saturday Mellow rides are designed to be fun!They are low key follow-the-leader rides where the goal is to get out and enjoy the woods rather than race through them.The trails we ride are usually easy and this is a perfect ride for people with developing skills, kids and families and people...

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6/19/21 1:30pm

SE MA NEMBA Saturday Afternoon Ride @ Wompatuck

SE MA NEMBA Saturday Wompatuck Afternoon RideThese rides are intended for newer riders. Although anyone can attend.They will consist of fun trails with some rocks and roots because that's what Wompy is.Location Changes: Sometimes we'll ride atanother nearby park. Especially if the trails are...

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6/20/21 (All day)

Central CT NEMBA Sunday Ride Series

Central CT NEMBA Sunday Ride Series.Central CT NEMBA will be holding a series of Sunday Rides at various locations around Connecticut.A notice for every ride may be posted to our Central CT NEMBA Facebook Page.The rides will start at 9:00 or 10:00.  Rides will be 2-3 hours long on average.   ...

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