Wachusett NEMBA Tully Trail Day


5/1/21 10:00am to 1:00pm

Our lead Kevin Killay has organized this chapter collaboration with the Army Corps Rangers for their Tully Lake mountain bike loop.

Meeting at the Tully Dam Headquarters,
2 Athol-Richmond Road, Royalston, MA

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We will be mostly cutting brush and possibly a little drainage and stone work.

Absolutely no chainsaws allowed per the Tully Rangers. They are more than willing to cut anything that needs to be cut but that is their one caveat.

The rangers will open up some of the gates to allow easier access to some of the remote spots on the trail.

Bring clippers, hand saw and other basic trail tools as well as any food or water you may need.

Volunteers would need to wear masks since this project requires working closely together. 

May be an image of tree and nature


Tully Dam Royalston



Event Leader

Kevin Killay