Wachusett NEMBA Bearsden Trail Day & Ride


5/11/19 9:00am to 12:00pm

Wachusett NEMBA Trail Day & Ride @ Bearsden Forest Conservation Area

Mark your calendars! Our area leader Kevin Killay has been working with the Athol Conservation Commission and will be leading a trail work day in Bearsden this coming Saturday starting at 9am.

Parking at the big lot at the top of Bearsden Rd in Athol:

Bring some basic hand tools like metal rakes and clippers, gloves, and water.

Kevin will have a chainsaw with all safety gear, blower and power pole saw.

Bug spray might be a good idea too.

Bearsden has 10 miles of trails and we'll be removing some deadfalls and doing some trail definition.

After the trail work, which shouldn't take too long, we'll be going for a two hour ride around the conservation area.

You do not have to be a member of NEMBA to take part. You just have to want to make Bearsden's trails better.

This will be a Wachusett NEMBA event and we ask that you sign our waiver (on site), or you can sign NEMBA's once-a-year Ride & Trail Care Waivers ahead of time. 



Event Leader

Kevin Killay