SNH NEMBA -Bear Brook Trail Care CANCELED


4/26/14 9:00am

trail event is cancelled while State reviews all trail usage
we will be hosting a intermediate ride instead at the toll booth parking lot 9am

We will be working on clearing the trails that were damaged by the most recent logging over the winter. Meet at 8:45 at the toll booth on Deerfield Road. We will be working at the bottom of Sentinel Pine. If we have enough people and time, we will then head over to clean up Hemlock. If you have a chainsaw and feel comfortable using it, please bring it along. Otherwise I'll plan on having the tool trailer at the site with all the tools we will need. I think it will still be too wet to ride at that point, so it's just a work day this time. Any questions, call Kathy 603-724-7187. Pass this along to anyone that might be interested. Hope to see you there!


Bear Brook state park Alanstown, NH


Southern NH


Event Leader

Kathy Evans Park steward