SE MA NEMBA Trailcare @ Freetown SF


4/8/18 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA Will be hosting a Trail Care day on Sunday April 8th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

So many trees so little time. Many trails in Freetown are not rideable due to numerous blowdowns, not to mention strategically placed sticks that ruin Strava times. We will be cleaning up trails closest to the ranger's station and opening up the Pukwudgie TT loop.

Here is your chance to give back to a forest we all love. Meet at Ranger Station lot at 9 am and we will break into groups. Bring lopers, hand saws, gloves, water, food, Pukwudgie spray, pruners, and good hiking shoes. Hopefully the fire roads will be open and we can drive to trail head.

Leave your bike behind, it will be useless on these trails. Unless it has a chainsaw mounted to the front. You will be rewarded with sugary snacks and non intoxicating beverages. Please share!

Late breaking news will be on this Facebook Page.


SE Mass


Event Leader

Karen Manfredi