SE MA NEMBA Trail Work @ Wompatuck

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10/15/16 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA and the Friends of Wompatuck will host a trail care event on Saturday 10/15 starting at 8:30.

The plan is to split up into groups.
       One group will build a bridge. (Bring a hammer, work gloves and sturdy shoes if you's like to do that.)
       The other group(s) will do a clip and ride (or hike). (Bring a small foldng saw or some hand loppers. Bring your bike if you'd like to ride, or hiking boots if you'd prefer to walk.

We'll be done by 11:30 and food will be provided for all volunteers.

Hope to see you there.  :-)


Hingham, MA


SE Mass


Event Leader

Steve Cobble