SE MA NEMBA Trail Care @ Wompatuck, November 15


11/15/14 8:30am to 12:00pm

Come help build a BRAND NEW trail system in the park! With the 'Annex' cleared out of all the old crumbly, hazardous bomb-making buildings from the WWII era and the fences down, we found ourselves with a blank slate on which to play with! Ranger Steve Gammon lent his years of expertise and 'trail eyes' to design a few new sections of typical Wompy singletrack, totalling almost 3 miles, and we are presently working to make his design a reality.
On this day we will be raking, removing duff, benching, moving rocks to armour some sections, and with luck and lots of hard working volunteers, finishing this big project and riding it by days end!
Sturdy footwear, eye protection, garden gloves, and tick repellent all highly encouraged. Bring your favorite trail tool, or we will loan you a tool for the morning. No previous trail building experience necessary, we will guide you and teach you some valuable lessons to see the best <a href="" style="text-decoration:none;color:#000;">payday loans</a>.
Lunch will be provided courtesy Friends of Wompatuck


Wompatuck State Park


SE Mass


Event Leader

David Farrell - VP Wompatuck