SE MA NEMBA Blue Hills Bridge Build


6/4/17 (All day)

Attn Mountain Bikers, Hikers, Trail Builders & Volunteers - we are looking for volunteers to help with a Bridge Build Project at Blue Hills on Sunday Morning June 4. The work being done will replace an 96' bridge that used to exist on a trail adjacent to Chickatawbut Rd.
Details below - please read carefully!
Date:  June 4, 2017 SUNDAY

When:  Sign-in opens at 8:30AM.  Work starts 9:00AM. We will work from 9AM to 1:00PM or when complete Some work will start at 7:30AM - details below.

Where to Meet:  Houghton's Pond Parking Lot on Hillside St, Milton, MA. (Early start volunteers will start at the DCR Maintenance Facility off of Chickatawbut Rd)

What to Bring:  Snack, water, bug-repellant, work gloves, & wear pants and sturdy shoes (work boots). 

Work Description: We will be building a replacement 96' Bridge out of pressure treated lumber. The old bridge has been removed and we will start with a clear work area.  

We need helpers for the following work stations:

7:30 AM Early Start Group: (Note this may be something we coordinate for Saturday June 3 Afternoon, RSVP if you can help)

  1. Chop Saw Station. 3 people to help run a chop-saw station. This group will cut up bridge decking into 4' lengths to be staged into the worksite. 
  2. Bridge Footing Chop station. 2 people to help with chainsaw station cutting 6X6 PT into 5' lengths for bridge footings. 3 people (including 1 saw operator) 
9:00 AM Start Group
  1. Bridge Footing and Beam Transport to work site. 4-6 people to carry in bridge beams and set at worksite. It's a very short distance from Chickatawbut Rd.
  2. Bridge Build Site Build - 4-6 people (primarily skilled trail bridge builders) to install footings and construct beams for bridge. 
  3. Bridge Build Decking install - 3-4 people working with impact screw-guns installing decking across the span. 
Tools to bring: NEMBA will supply most of the tools for this project, but if you have a impact driver/drill (with star bit) please bring it along fully charged and with spare battery & charger. These will be utilized for screwing in decking.
We will supply protective eyewear and ear plugs for the volunteers at saw stations. Leather work gloves are highly recommended.

    We will bring a generator (with extra fuel) and power strip for work site power needs. (If anyone has a big generator we can use as backup, please send me a note)

    We will furnish a chop saw for cutting up the decking.
    NEMBA trailer will be at the work site with chain saw, saw horses, and any other trail work tools.
    Any questions, please feel free to reply to this email, or call me.
    774-284-2650 mobile


    Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA


    Greater Boston SE Mass


    Event Leader

    Chris Patrick