Fells high bridge project


3/23/19 9:00am to 2:00pm

GBNEMBA will be replacing short bridge in Middlesex Fells on Reservoir trail (Orange) near Molly's Spring rd, new bridge will have railings and it will be much wider. We may also be re-routing a short section of trail right before the bridge. What to bring? yourself! we have all the tools and safety equipment necessary to complete the job, if you have a favorite pair of work gloves bring those with you. All the lumber and parts are already at DCR lot waiting for us. 

After we finish with the work we will hang out for some refreshments and some trail talk.


          ****MEETING PLACE****

Long Pond lot on South Border Rd Long Pond Lot

Rain date for the event is Sunday March 24th



Middlesex Fells, Reservoir trail


Greater Boston


Event Leader

Maciej Soobieszek