Fells 2020 and Beyond Follow-Up


1/27/20 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Want Better Mountain Biking in the Fells?

Join us at the Winchester Public Library on Monday January 27 at 6:30pm, as we meet to follow up on our on December meeting.

We used our first meeting as a tool to identify priorities for our mountain bike wants and wishes for the Fells. Please see below an exhaustive list of the topics suggested at the discussion meeting. Through a ranking exercise we narrowed our list of priorities down to 3 major topics which are also listed below, along with the individuals who volunteered to participate on topic-specific focus groups to take a next step and explore the subject matter more fully. Each focus group has been asked to hone in on three data points: a.) Define present status of the topic, b.) Research and identify what has been done in the past on this topic, and c.) Set 3 to 5 achievable goals with defined completion dates (3 month, 6 month, 1 year).

We are still in the process of establishing how we as a group will organize and make progress on this vital initiative. We appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you on January 27.


Top 3 Fells Priorities and Focus Group Teams

1. Trails, Trails, Trails: Access to existing and developing new trails (Dan McCormack and Steve Pacini)

2. Signage (Eddie Tyrance and Mike Tabaczynski)

3. RMP Follow-up (Maciej Sobieszek, John Donellan, Jon Gray, Leslie Jonas, and Adam Glick)


Fells Wants & Wishes raised at 12/11/19 mtg

-Signage and mapping – usage and type

-Access to more trails

-Maintain trails in the Lawrence woods area

-Access to Designated bike trails

-Revisit/understand RMP - what progress was made, where was it left off – Dark Hollow & Mt. Bk Exclusive trails

-Bike skills park – pump track


-Increase use in the dark hollow pond area

-Follow up on RMP suggestions (create trails near rock circuit)

-More beginner trails

-More education for riders at NEMBA rides (trail etiquette, ambassadorship)

-Beginner trails on single track.

-Trail maintenance to keep beginner trails beginner friendly

-Create A and B lines where needed at TTF

-Change policy from closed unless open to open unless closed

-Adjust mud season timing to match conditions

-Open existing trails to bikes and create new trails

-Poll users to add credibility with DCR

-Create designated mountain bike access point (Marjam)

-Schedule rides during the day

-Align with local politicians/legislative advocacy

-Point out health benefits

-Fitness trail/circuit points – brought to you by NEMBA

-Focus on healthy trails

-Focus on family rides

-Get permission for night rides (permitted group?)

-High school event at the Fells

-Improve relationship with FOF

-Improve relationship with DCR

-Official NEMBA bike bell for passing

Please RSVP to rushmark21@gmail.com so we know you’re interested in coming


Winchester Public Library, 80 Washington St, Winchester, MA 01890


Greater Boston

Event Leader

Mark Bialas