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11/21/16 (All day) to 12/31/16 (All day)

Please make an end-of-season donation to NEMBA's Annual Fund so we can continue to build a better New England for mountain biking!

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Your financial support is critical to keeping us in the big ring! Please make a donation to NEMBA's Annual Fund.

As a fellow rider, we share a passion for mountain biking that runs deep. We share a belief that mountain biking is good for our bodies, our communities, the trails and even the planet. It's hard to imagine a world without mountain biking. Please show us how much you care by making a donation to NEMBA. Together we can build a better New England for mountain biking.

Your support lets us create great exceptional riding opportunities, allows us to keep engaged with land managers to protect our access to trails, and be the voice of mountain biking in New England.

Please help us continue our advocacy efforts by making your end-of-season gift to our Annual Fund. We rely on riders like you!

NEMBA is a community of mountain bikers committed to creating epic riding experiences, preserving open space, and guiding the future of mountain biking in New England. Without you, there is no NEMBA. Your donation to our Annual Fund allows us to keep working to improve mountain biking for our generation and for the generations to come.

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Our 26 active chapters across New England put on nearly 2000 rides a year, hold scores of trail building days, and provide an extensive network of advocates to create a strong foundation to support our sport and the trails we ride. 

It's been a busy and successful year. We kicked off the season with our Northeast Advocacy Summit attended by over 100 people and15 different advocacy organizations, as well as representatives from nearly all of our NEMBA chapters. Not only did this energize our local and regional advocacy, but it also set the stage for pushing a national agenda to support bicycle access in federal Wilderness areas and get out in front of issues surrounding electric mountain bikes on trails. 

Our focus on teaching cutting edge trail design and construction is paying off with many miles of new singletrack, and this year's  NEMBA Trail School at Bear Brook State Park showcased these techniques in what has become one of New England's premier riding locations due to our involvement. The knowledge gained at trail school will be put into action across New England for years to come.

And then there's NEMBAfest! This has become a national caliber event and a major stop for the bike industry and for riders from all across the northeast. Over 5800 riders took part over the three-day event and the number of families attending skyrocketed.  This bodes well for the future of the sport.
Indeed, one of our goals for 2017 and coming years is to increase family involvement, provide more opportunities for women, and diversify the face of mountain biking.

Your donation is an investment in the future of our sport.

Despite the many successes, NEMBA must keep vigilant about protecting our sport and access to public trails. There are still those who would ban mountain biking, and it is critical that NEMBA work with officials across many agencies and land trusts to make sure that sound management policies triumph over personal bias and individual agendas.

NEMBA needs your donation to keep our organization strong and able to act in time of crisis. Please show your commitment to mountain biking and our cause.

Please be as generous as you can with your donation. With your support, the next season of riding will be even better!

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Philip Keyes
Executive Director

PS. Donate $100 and you'll become part of NEMBA's Headcap Leadership Society and you'll also receive a digital subscription to Dirt Rag. However, we need and appreciate any size donation. Please give what you can.

Also, check to see if your company matches your donation - this is a great way to double your donation.