Cape Cod NEMBA Sandwich Trail Build


11/10/19 8:00am

Cape Cod NEMBA Trail Build in Sandwich

Cape Cod NEMBA will be building new trails in Sandwich behind the Oak Ride School on Sunday 11/10 starting at 8:00 AM.

The new trails will add to the school's current trail inventory and will be open to everyone thereafter.

Bring shoes, long sleeved shirts and gloves. If you have loppers, bring them. Lawn rakes would be good too.

We'll have a brush hog and a gravely and will use them to do most of the trail work. Much the same as we've been doing in the trail creation projects at Old Jail Lane.

We should be done by Noon and then may go someplace for appropriate lunch and libations.

Location: Oak Ridge School: To get there go to 110 Mill Road, drive past the gate, which will be open and park behind the maintenance building.  Don't block the road.

  Sign NEMBA's once a year Trail Care Waiver ahead of time to save time.

You do not have to be a NEMBA members to take part.  You just have to want to build great singletrack trails.

   Not to be redundant, but here's the info from our Facebook Page.

The Town of Sandwich has accepted our proposal to build a new trail behind Oak Ridge School. We are looking for Volunteers to help this Sunday November 10th.

This weekend’s project is the first of two approved trails.

This new trail will be designated as the expert loop for the kids in the Sandwich After School Mountain Bike Program and be a multi-use trail for bikers, walkers, hikers and XC Skiers.

There is an existing .60 mile trail/segment known as “West Sandwich Intro” that we are going to improve and do a few reroutes. We are going to add about 1.5 miles of new trail onto this and form a lollipop loop. When finished it will be OVER 2 Mile loop of rolling single-track.

Install day Sunday November 10th @ 8am Behind Oak Ridge School. We are meeting behind maintenance building on Mill Rd, Sandwich MA. GPS 110 Mill Road. Mill goes from paved to dirt - go through gate and park behind maintenance building. Do not block building. NOTE PLEASE DO NOT PARK AT OAK RIDGE SHOOOL. EVEN WITH SCHOOL BEING CLOSED THEY DO NOT WANT TRAFFIC, CARS OR INDIVIDUALS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.

Bring work boots, gloves, safety glasses, bug spray and water.

Tools to bring: Loppers, folding saws, snips, shovel and rake. We could use a couple more cordless lithium chain saws (want to keep the noise down as we are not far from the golf course tee boxes).

We have three brush hog type machines and will split up into three teams. Each team will clear deadfall on the trail in front of the machines and lop off the remaining brambles behind the machine. We have a couple backpack blowers to blow the debris off the trail when finished.

We plan on starting at 8am and going till were finished. Trail is already flagged.




Cape Cod

Event Leader

Frank Merola