Berkshire NEMBA Pittsfield SF Planning Session


2/20/19 (All day)

PSF Planning (and Pizza)

2/20 at 6:00

Pittsfield State Forest Ski Lodge

Come join Berkshire NEMBA’s PSF Trail Team Leader Erik Forestell for the first planning session of the year—help form a trail team for Pittsfield State Forest, share ideas and thoughts for trail maintenance and other needs, and kick off the new NEMBA season right... open to members and nonmembers alike!

The purpose of the PSF trail team’s ongoing meetings is to communicate about the future needs and trail user requirements with DCR, plan and schedule future volunteer trail work days/events, and form a consistent base for maintenance and promotion of this amazing property.

We’ll meet in the PSF Ski Lodge (first left past the entrance) and soda will be provided, feel free to bring other beverages as well.  




Event Leader

Alison McGee