NEMBA's Position Statement on eMTBs

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

On January 27, 2021, NEMBA's Board of Directors unanimously voted to support the following updated position about power-assisted bicycles, also known as electric bikes or e-MTBs:


"NEMBA recognizes that electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are growing in popularity and our position has evolved to address the opportunities and challenges associated with this new trail use. NEMBA believes that class 1 eMTBs differ significantly from other motorized vehicles and offer a recreational experience similar to traditional mountain biking. While the experience is similar, NEMBA remains concerned about land managers' perceptions of user conflict and environmental impact. It is important to recognize that NEMBA does not set policy for access on properties and we support land managers’ decisions and rules about mountain bike access on their lands. We strongly encourage all groups of trail users to know and abide by the policies set by land managers for access and trail use.

NEMBA believes class 1 eMTB are a unique class of trail use, closely related to traditional mountain biking but separate and distinct. NEMBA feels that access to trails for class 1 eMTB riders in New England needs to increase. We call for eMTB enthusiasts to come together and advocate for the access they deserve. This effort needs to be led by people who have a passion for eMTB access. NEMBA looks to work cooperatively with this new eMTB advocacy group to support their efforts and share information. We envision a relationship where we can work together to find solutions to the challenges facing eMTB access while preserving access for traditional mountain biking as well."


We will continue to update our supporting documentation to reflect this position statement and available up-to-date information. NEMBA's eMTB Discussion Group will continue to meet and discuss ways that NEMBA can assist eMTB enthusists. 

Those interested in being a part of NEMBA's eMTB discussion group can email us at

We encourage all riders to become NEMBA members and help guide the future of mountain biking in New England.

Additionally, an independent facebook group has been setup for eMTB advocacy discussions: eMTB New England