Eco Counter Partnership

NEMBA and Eco-Counter are pleased to announce their first ever partnership, to support the development and management of mountain bike trails in New England.

This educational partnership aims to develop and share knowledge and best practices surrounding the use of count data to demonstrate the value (including but not limited to economic impact) of mountain bike trails in New England.

Throughout the year, the partnership will focus on three main outcomes:


  1. Educational webinars, free and open to anyone, to share best-practices and case studies on the use of data to support mountain bike trail development and management.
  2. The development and distribution of resources - including existing research, case studies and best-practices - to NEMBA chapters and beyond.
  3. A competitive grant program to award one winning NEMBA chapter two PYRO-Box EVO people counters for the summer, in addition to expert assistance from Eco-Counter on setting up a count program and getting the most out of their data.



  • April 14, 2021 - Partnership Announcement 
  • April 20, 2021 - Mountain Bikes Count Webinar 
  • May 2021 - Grant Application period opens