Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership from Bicycle Dealers and the Cycling Industry is important to NEMBA.

One of our central goals is to improve and promote mountain biking throughout the region. This means that we want to help create life-long riders, and for our industry partners this means lifelong customers. NEMBA is the premier organization building and promoting more places to ride, and as is well known: More Trails = More Sales!

Our members are passionate riders who try to support those who support us. By being a member of NEMBA, you are not only supporting riding in our area but you are also showing that your business cares about the future of our sport.  We do our best to help promote those who support us.
Here are a few of the corporate benefits of joining NEMBA:


  • Corporate listing on Sponsors Page
  • Listing on the Sponsor page in every issue of SingleTracks Magazine
  • Dealer Membership include 25 copies of each SingleTracks Magazine to give to your customers.·  Support acknowledged on your local NEMBA Chapter’s Facebook page
  • Invitation to participate in all local NEMBA events
  • Listing your shop as a resource near your local riding areas list on NEMBA Trails
  • Listing and publicizing of your shop’s rides, if you wish to have them be NEMBA club rides
  • 5% off "underwriting" in SingleTracks Magazine, circulation around 7,000.

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Dealer Memberships

Industry Memberships