Lowell Preserve

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Lowell Preserve

47 Falmouth Rd
Windham  Maine  04062
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Windham's Lowell Preserve has more than 8 miles of trails packed into just over 300 acres. Located behind the East Windham Fire Station it's near town recreation land that hosts a playground and a ballfield.

The trails are interesting, to stay the least.

There are three main trails and a number of connector trails. Most of the trails are contained within the yellow blazed Libby Hill Loop which circumnavigates the property.The Libby Hill Loop is about 3.5 miles long.

The blue blazed Virginia Trail loops into the center of the property before rejoining the Libby Hill Loop. It's a little over 1.5 miles long.

The green blazed trail, also about 1.5 miles long, is called the Roscoe loop.

Most of the people that you'll encounter out on the trails will be fellow mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers and, in season, snow shoers, cross country skiiers and snowmobiles. Parts of the system are also open to ATVs.

This means that the trails can range from smooth singletracks and forest roads to more challenginging terrain that includes rocky ledges and roots.

You'll notice that a few trails lead out of the Preserve. Respect private property rights and don't trespass.

Parking: Park by the playground leaving plenty of space in front of the Fire Station.

Trailhead: The trailhead is located beside the Fire Station on the left.

Bonus: See if you can locate the Porcupine caves.  :-)


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