E.g., Mar 24 2018
E.g., Mar 24 2018
2018-05-13 (All day)

Varies week to week

QC NEMBA - Weekend Warrior Ride

If you are looking to get out in the woods, have some fun, and stretch your skills, feel free to join us. The group will stop to play on skinnies, drops and other features along the way. We ride together, play together, teach and learn from on another. This is often a technical based ride for...

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2018-05-13 09:00

Leominster State Forest

Wachusett NEMBA Sunday Ride at Leominster SF

Leominster State Forest hosts one of the most varied and interesting trail systems in the State.  Join us for a fun though a bit challenging no-drop ride.  Please contact me for directions, starting times and to let me know that your'e coming.

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2018-05-13 09:30 to 11:45


Keene - Sunday Morning Rides

Sunday morning rides!  Typically West Keene, ride time a touch over 2 hours.  This will morph into the winter fat bike ride for the winter.

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2018-05-14 (All day)

Fairfield County NEMBA Monday Ride

Fairfield County NEMBA will be holding a Monday ride in either Paugussett or Waldo. Contact Dave Herde for more details.

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2018-05-14 18:00

Goodwin State Forest - 22 Potter Rd, Hampton

Mellow Monday Ride

The MMR is a perfect easy paced ride designed as a recovery ride for weekend warriors or those that like a slower paced ride.  Novice riders always welcome!  Always a No Drop (no one is left behind) and route/distance to fit the groups.Weekly details can be found in the posted event within the...

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2018-05-15 (All day)

Fairfield County NEMBA Tuesday Ride

Fairfield County NEMBA will be hosting a Tuesday ride aimed at Waldo in Southbury.  Contact Paula Burton for more details.This ride is aimed at newer riders or people looking for a social ride.

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2018-05-15 18:00

Foxborough, MA

SE MA NEMBA Tuesday Ride, Foxborough

This is intended to be a Mellow-Intermediate ride. It is less technical and more social than the Thursday Ride. But, occasionally the pace picks up. It is always a no-drop ride. The route varies every week.  The ride is always dependent on conditions. It starts at 6:00 PM and normally runs...

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2018-05-15 18:00

Mine Falls, Nashua NH

SNH NEMBA Mine Falls Coed Novice Ride

Details: This is a no drop, no pressure, fun ride!

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2018-05-16 (All day)

Trail of Tears Marston Mills

Cape Cod NEMBA Wednesday ToT ride

The Wednesday and Friday evening Trail of Tears rides are a long standing Cape Cod tradition.The format is informal, just show up and be ready to go before 5:00 PM.Some people choose to extend the ride by starting at 4:30.  Be there before then if you'd like to take advantage of that option.We...

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2018-05-16 17:30

Lincoln Woods

RI NEMBA – Lincoln Woods – Wednesday

This ride is condition dependent. Contact the ride's leader for more information.   The trails at Lincoln Woods are among the best in all of Rhode Island. Join us for a fun no-drop ride.

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