E.g., 2015-06-07
E.g., 2015-06-07
2017-07-19 18:00

TBD, Central Maine

Central Maine NEMBA Ride

Ride held when conditions allow. Contact the ride's leader for more information.

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2017-07-20 18:00

RI NEMBA– Big River – Thursday

This is a fun no-drop ride, not a race. The ride is held whenever conditions allow.   Contact me for more information or directions.   Normally we divide up into groups depending on how many people show up and how far or fast people want to ride.   Expect to see a lot of people...

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2017-07-21 (All day)

Ridgefield area (TBD)

Fairfield County NEMBA Ride, Ridgefield

Join us on a fun no-drop ride. This ride normally starts at 6:00 PM. It consists of singletracks doubletracks and is a good kickoff for the weekend. Contact me for directions and to let us know that you're coming.

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2017-07-22 09:00

RI NEMBA – Big River – Saturday

This ride is intended to show off one of the most popular riding areas in Rhode Island.   It is a relaxed, newer rider oriented ride intended to be fun, not fast or intimidating. It is always a no-drop ride.   Contact Alan Winsor for more details or any questions that you might have...

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2017-07-23 09:00

Leominster State Forest

Wachusett NEMBA Ride, Leominster SF

Leominster State Forest hosts one of the most varied and interesting trail systems in the State.  Join us for a fun though a bit challenging no-drop ride.  Please contact me for directions, starting times and to let me know that your'e coming.

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2017-07-23 09:00

Southeastern Massachusetts

SE MA NEMBA Sunday Ride

This ride's location and starting time will vary week to week. Contact me for more information.

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2017-07-23 09:00

RI NEMBA – Arcadia – Sunday

This is an intermediate ride but we usually have a relaxed pace group as well. No drop ride.   Midway parking lot at 9am.  

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2017-07-23 12:00

Bangor/Orono/Dedham, ME

Penobscot NEMBA Ride

This ride generally starts at 9 am and the ride location varies week to week.  We will touch on as many great riding areas in the greater Bangor area as we can, including Bangor City Forest and Walden-Park Preserve, Dedham, Downtown Orono, Marsh Island, Newman and Bangor Hills, and Perch Pond...

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2017-07-25 (All day)

Russell Mill, Chelmsford MA or Landlocked Forest, Burlington MA

Northeast, MA Russell Mill / Landlocked Forest Ride

This will be a fun x-country ride. Contact me for updates on starting times, this week's location, and to let me know that you're coming.  Due to the abundance of great riding areas in our region and a desire to keep our ride perpetually fresh, we will be alternating the starting locations on...

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2017-07-25 18:00

Foxboro, MA

SE MA NEMBA Ride, Foxboro

This is intended to be a Mellow-Recovery ride. But occasionally the pace picks up. It is a no-drop ride. The route varies every week.  The ride is always dependent on conditions. Contact me for the starting time and location or any questions you might have.

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