Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We have many activities for NEMBA members to attend. Please let the event or ride leader know that you'll be coming. Always ride responsibly and within your limits!

Special Events
1/31                  Central CT NEMBA Winterfest    All Madison CT

Central, Wachusett & Western Mass 
Alternating Thursdays    Wachusett NEMBA Groton Ride
Saturdays         Robinson SP, Agawam Beginner Ride
Sundays           Wachusett NEMBA Leominster SF Ride
2/4                    PV NEMBA Chapter Meeting     
Sundays           Quiet Corner Weekend Warrior Ride, Location Varies
Tuesdays          Fairfield County NEMBA Bennett’s Pond Ride
Tuesdays          Fairfield County NEMBA Trumbull Ride
Fridays             Fairfield County NEMBA Ride in Ridgefield  (Locations vary)
Weekdays         Central CT NEMBA RAW ride
2/4                    Central CT NEMBA Chapter Meeting       Rockfall
1/31                  Central CT NEMBA Winterfest    All Madison                              

Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont      
Sundays           Penobscot Region NEMBA Ride
Sundays           Brattleboro/Keene NEMBA Ride All        Brattleboro/Keene Area
Wednesdays     CeMeNEMBA Ride   (Location Varies)
2/3                    Brattleboro/Keene NEMBA Full Moon Ride        
2/17                  Brattleboro/Keene NEMBA Chapter Meeting       Keene
Metro Boston, Merrimack & North Shore         
Tuesdays          MV NEMBA Ride at Russell Mill
Thursdays         MV NEMBA ride at the Landlocked Forest, Burlington
Alternating Thursdays    Wachusett NEMBA Groton Ride
Thursdays         GB NEMBA Thursday Social Ride          All        Burlington
Fridays             MV NEMBA Russell Mill Ride
Saturdays         MV NEMBA Northeast MA Ride (Location Varies)
Sat & Sun         GB NEMBA Weekend Rides      (Location Varies)
2/2                    Greater Boston NEMBA Chapter Meeting
Southeastern Mass. Blackstone Valley & Rhode Island
Sundays           SE MASS NEMBA Intermediate Level Ride        
Sundays           RI NEMBA Arcadia Ride           
Tuesdays          SE MASS NEMBA Foxboro Mellow Ride
Tuesdays          SE MASS NEMBA Wompatuck Ride
Wednesdays     SE MASS or Cape Cod NEMBA Ride     (Location Varies)
Wednesdays     Cape Cod NEMBA ToT Wednesday Ride
Wednesdays     RI NEMBA Lincoln Woods Ride
Thursdays         SE MASS NEMBA Novice Ride in Kingston
Thursdays         SE MASS NEMBA Thursday Foxboro Ride
Thursdays         RI NEMBA Big River Ride         
Fridays             Cape Cod NEMBA Friday ToT Ride
Saturdays         RI NEMBA Big River Ride         
Saturdays         SE MASS NEMBA Wompatuck Ride  
Saturdays         Cape Cod Saturday Mellow Ride
Saturdays         SE MASS NEMBA Skills Ride    Blue Hills, Milton
1/20                  Cape Cod NEMBA Meeting/Party           Sandwich