Upcoming Events

Friday, June 27, 2014

There's always a lot going on in NEMBA.  Come get dirty doing trail work, check out our special events, and hop on as many rides as your legs can handle!

NEMBA Trail Care
8/19                  White Mountains NEMBA Tuesday Night Trailwork, N. Conway area, NH  
8/20                  SE MASS NEMBA Clifford Trails           Easton, MA
8/21                  Central CT NEMBA Trail Care at Waldo SP          Southbury, CT
8/22                  PV NEMBA Charlemont Ride or Trail Work
8/22                  CR NEMBA Trailfest @ Carrabasset Valley         Carrabassett Valley, ME
8/24                  Central NH NEMBA Trail Care @ Elm Brook       
Special Events
9/14                  Kona Bicycles MTB Adventure Ride at Great Brook         Carlisle, MA
Kids and Family Rides
8/26                  Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Kids Rides   (Kids/Family)
9/14                  NW CT NEMBA September Kids Ride    (Kids/Family)    
10/4                  Greater Boston NEMBA Kids Rides        (Kids/Family)
10/4                  North Shore NEMBA Kids Rides                        (Kids/Family)

Central, Wachusett & Western Mass 
Mondays          PV NEMBA Monday Evening Social Ride
Thursdays         Wachusett NEMBA Ladies Ride @ Rutland SP   (Women)
Alternating Thursdays    Wachusett NEMBA Groton Ride
Thursdays         PV NEMBA Charlemont Ride or Trail Work
Saturdays         Robinson SP, Agawam Beginner Ride
Sundays           Wachusett NEMBA Ride at Rutland State Park
Sundays           Wachusett NEMBA Leominster SF Ride
First Wednesday                       Pioneer Valley NEMBA Chapter Meeting & Ride             
Sundays           Central CT NEMBA Morning Ride at the W. Hartford Res
Sundays           Quiet Corner Weekend Warrior Ride, Location Varies
Mondays          Quiet Corner NEMBA Ladies Ride,
Mondays          NW CT NEMBA Weekly Social Beginner/Novice Ride  Burlington
Mondays          Fairfield County NEMBA Ride at Mianus River Park
1st/3rd Mondays  Southeast CT NEMBA Social Ride
Tuesdays          Fairfield County NEMBA Bennett’s Pond Ride
Tuesdays          Fairfield County NEMBA Trumbull Ride
Wednesdays     Fairfield County NEMBA Wilton Woods T/FR
Wednesdays     Central CT NEMBA Ride after Work at the W. Hartford Res,
Wednesdays     SE CT NEMBA Ride at Bluff Point
Thursdays         NW CT NEMBA Weekly Social Intermediate Ride  Burlington
Fridays             Fairfield County NEMBA Ride in Ridgefield  (Locations vary)
Saturdays         Central CT NEMBA Saturday Intermediate Ride   (Location Varies)
Weekdays         Central CT NEMBA RAW ride
First Wednesday                       Central CT NEMBA Chapter Meeting      

Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont
Sundays           Southern NH NEMBA Sunday Singlespeed Ride            
Sundays           Penobscot Region NEMBA Ride
Mondays          Southern NH NEMBA Maniac Mechanic Monday Ride     (Location Varies)
Tuesdays          Southern NH NEMBA Milford Area Ride
Tuesdays          Brattleboro/Keene NEMBA Ride
Tuesdays          Southern NH NEMBA FOMBA Ride
Wednesdays     Southern NH NEMBA Beginner Ride   
Wednesdays     CeMeNEMBA Ride   (Location Varies)
Thursdays         Brattleboro Keene NEMBA Fat Bike Plus   Ride   Brattleboro
Thursdays         Central NH NEMBA Intermediate Ride (Location varies)
Fridays             Central NH NEMBA Ride at Franklin Falls Dam
Metro Boston, Merrimack & North Shore
Mondays          GB NEMBA Beginner/Novice Ride at Beaver Brook
Mondays          GB & MV NEMBA ‘Practice Your Technique’ Ride
Mondays          North Shore NEMBA Double Your Pleasure Ride @ Willowdale              
Tuesdays          MV NEMBA Lowell-Dracut Ride
Tuesdays          MV NEMBA Ride at Russell Mill
Tuesdays          MV NEMBA Womens Ride @ LDT or Russell Mill
Wednesdays     Greater Boston NEMBA Social Ride in the Middlesex Fells
Thursdays         MV NEMBA ride at Great Brook Farm SP
Thursdays         GB NEMBA Landlocked Forest Social Ride
Thursdays         NS NEMBA Harold Parker Intermediate Ride
Alternating Thursdays    Wachusett NEMBA Groton Ride
Fridays             MV NEMBA Russell Mill Ride
Saturdays         Assabet River Wildlife Sanctuary Ride
Saturdays         MV NEMBA Northeast MA Ride (Location varies)
8/18                  Greater Boston NEMBA Chapter Meeting            (Location Varies)
9/14                  Kona Bicycles MTB Adventure Ride at Great Brook         Carlisle, MA
Southeastern Mass. Blackstone Valley & Rhode Island
Sundays           SE MASS NEMBA Intermediate Level Ride        
Mondays          SE MASS NEMBA Foxboro/Borderland Ride
Tuesdays          Blackstone Valley NEMBA Beginner’s Ride         (Location Varies)
Tuesdays          SE MASS NEMBA Foxboro Mellow Ride
Tuesdays          Blackstone Valley NEMBA Women’s Ride          (Women)
Tuesdays          RI NEMBA Burlingame Ride
Tuesdays          SE MASS NEMBA Wompatuck Ride
Wednesdays     RI NEMBA Lincoln Woods Ride
Wednesdays     SE MASS or Cape Cod NEMBA Ride     (Location Varies)
Wednesdays     Cape Cod NEMBA ToT Wednesday Ride
1st Thursdays     SE MASS NEMBA Foxboro Intermediate Ride
Other Thurs       SE MASS NEMBA Foxboro Intermediate Ride    (Location Varies)
Thursdays         RI NEMBA Ride at Big River
Thursdays         SE MASS NEMBA Novice Ride in Kingston
Thursdays         Blackstone Valley NEMBA Intermediate Ride      (Location Varies)
Fridays             Cape Cod NEMBA Friday ToT Ride
Saturdays         SE MASS NEMBA Wompatuck Ride  
Saturdays         RI NEMBA Relaxed Ride at Big River
Saturdays         Cape Cod Saturday Mellow Ride
Saturdays         Blackstone Valley NEMBA Women’s Ride          (Women)          
8/19                  Cape Cod NEMBA Ride/Party/Meeting   Marstons Mills