Upcoming Events

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We're entrying the spring season and all rides are contingent upon trail conditions. Never ride on thawing or muddy trails!
Read our article Just Say "No" to Mud to find out why.
Special Events  
5/6                  KONA MTB Adventure Ride @ The Fells   All   Stoneham, MA
5/19                NEMBA Trail Building Clinic   All   Franconia, NH
5/20                SE CT NEMBA Tour de  Lyme   All   Lyme, CT
6/22-24          NEMBAfest   All   E. Burke, VT
Trail Care
4/22 & 29        Blackstone Valley NEMBA Trail Care @ West Hill Dam   Uxbridge, MA
4/24                Blackstone Valley NEMBA Vietnam Trail Maintenance   Milford, MA
4/28                Wachusett NEMBA Leominster SF Trail Day   Leominster, MA
4/28                Fairfield County NEMBA Trail Care @ Whittemore   Woodbury, CT
4/28                Cape Cod NEMBA Trail Care @ Nickerson SP   Brewster, MA
4/28                Blackstone Valley NEMBA Bridge Build @ Douglas SF  Douglas, MA
4/28                Greater Boston NEMBA Trail Care @ The Fells   Stoneham, MA
4/28                Fairfield County NEMBA Trolly Property Trail Care   Woodbury, CT
4/29                SE MA NEMBA Trail Care @ Wompatuck SP   Hingham, MA
4/29                Fairfield County NEMBA Trail Care @ Quillian   Seymour, CT
4/29                Quiet Corner NEMBA Trail Build @ Mansfield Hollow   Mansfield Center, CT
5/6                  SE CT NEMBA Lyme Trail Care   Lyme, CT
5/12                Fairfield County NEMBA Trolly Property Trail Care   Woodbury, CT

Central, Wachusett & Western Mass    
Sundays           Wachusett NEMBA Leominster SF Ride   Intermediate   Leominster

Sundays            Fairfield County NEMBA Ride  Intermediate   Ridgefield
Sundays            Quiet Corner NEMBA Weekend Warrior Ride   Intermediate-Expert   (Location Varies)
Mondays           Fairfield County NEMBA Monday Ride   Intermediate   (Location Varies)
Mondays           Quiet Corner NEMBA Monday Mellow Ride   Easy Pace   Hampton
Tuesdays          Central CT NEMBA Women's Ride   Intermediate   (Location Varies)   (Starts 5/8)
1ST Tuesday     Fairfield County NEMBA Skills Session   Newer Riders   (Starts 5/1)
Tuesdays          Fairfield County NEMBA Tuesday Ride   Beginner-Social   Southbury
Wednesdays      Quiet Corner NEMBA Wednesday Women's Ride   (Location Varies)
Last Wednesdays     Fairfield County NEMBA    Chapter Meeting   (location Varies)
Wednesdays      NW CT NEMBA All Level Ride   All   (Location Varies)
Thursdays         Fairfield County NEMBA Thursday Women's Ride   Women   Quilliam
Thursdays        SE CT NEMBA Women's Ride   Women   (Locations Varies)
Thursdays        Central CT NEMBA Ride AFter Work Series   Adv. Novice - Intermediate   (Location Varies)
Alt Fridays        Fairfield County NEMBA Fat Bike Ride   All   Southbury
Saturdays          Quiet Corner NEMBA Saturday Morning Special Intermediate-Advanced   (Location Varies)
Saturdays          SE CT NEMBA Bluff Point State Park Ride   All   Groton
1st Tuesdays     Fairfield County NEMBA Skills Session   All   Southbury
5/2                   Central CT NEMBA Chapter Meeting   All   Branford
5/20                SE CT NEMBA Tour de  Lyme   All   Lyme, CT

Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont      
Sundays            Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Sunday Morning Ride   Adv. Novice - Adv. Intermediate   Keene, NH
Tuesdays          Franconia Area NEMBA Landshark Mountain Bike Ride   Littleton, NH
Tuesdays          Southern NH NEMBA Coed Novice Ride   Newer Riders   Nashua, NH
Wednesdays     CeMeNEMBA Ride        (Location Varies)
Wednesdays     Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Wednesday Ride   Adv. Novice - Adv. Intermediate   Keene, NH
Thursdays        Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Thursday Ride   Adv.Novice - Adv. Intermediate   Brattleboro, VT
5/7                  Southern NH NEMBA Co-Ed Intermediate Ride   Intermediate   (Locations Vary)
5/19                NEMBA Trail Building Clinic   All   Franconia, NH
5/20                Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Spring Picnic   All   Vernon, VT

Metro Boston, Merrimack & North Shore       
Mondays           GB NEMBA Beginner-Novice Ride   Newer Riders   Belmont   (Begins 4/23)
Tuesdays          GB NEMBA Tuesday Women's Ride   Intermediate   Belmont
Tuesdays           MV NEMBA by Grateful Tread Tuesday Ride   Adv. Beginner - Intermediate   Billerica-Chelmsford
Wednesdays      GB NEMBA Fells Social Ride   Adv. Beginner & Up   Stoneham, MA
Thursday           MV NEMBA by Grateful Tread Thursday Ride      Adv. Beginner - Intermediate         Carlisle
Saturdays          MV NEMBA by Grateful Tread Northeast MA Ride    Adv. Beginner - Intermediate   (Location Varies)
Sat & Sun          GB NEMBA Weekend Rides      (Locations Vary)
4/23                 North Shore NEMBA Chapter Meeting   All   Andover, MA
5/6                    KONA MTB Adventure Ride @ The Fells   All   Stoneham, MA
5/7                   GB NEMBA Chapter Meeting   All   TBD
Southeastern Mass. Blackstone Valley & Rhode Island    
Sundays            RI NEMBA Arcadia Ride   
Tuesdays           SE MASS NEMBA Foxborough Ride   All
Wednesdays     Cape Cod NEMBA ToT Wednesday Ride
Wednesdays     RI NEMBA Lincoln Woods Ride  
Thursdays         SE MASS NEMBA Thursday Foxborough Ride
Thursdays         SE MA NEMBA Blue Hills Morning Ride   All   Milton, MA
Thursdays         Cape Cod NEMBA Thursday Evening Ride   Intermediate   Hyannis, MA
Fridays              Cape Cod NEMBA Friday ToT Ride
Saturdays         SE MASS NEMBA Wompatuck Ride 
Saturdays         Cape Cod NEMBA Saturday Mellow Ride   Location Varies
Saturdays         SE MA NEMBA Intermediate Ride   Location Varies
4/23                SE MA NEMBA Chapter Meeting   All   Norwood, MA
4/29                SE MA NEMBA Ames Nowell SP Ride   Intermediate & Up Technical   Abington, MA
5/7                  Cape Cod NEMBA Chapter Meeting   All   TBD