New England Mountain Bike Patrol

The New England Mountain Bike Patrol is a volunteer program to assist and educate trail users at a number of public parks.

The Patrol has proven to be a positive influence in areas where it has been established. In some areas it can even be said that the establishment of a patrol program has been integral in keeping the property open to bikes.

Patrollers’ responsibilities generally include:

• Educating cyclists on the trail about responsible mountain biking and park policy.
• Offering assistance (e.g., maps, directions, First Aid, tools) to all trail users.
• Listening to park visitors’ concerns and answering questions.
• Reporting fires, vandalism, and other problems to the land managers.
• Surveying trail use patterns and making recommendations to the land managers and NEMBA Trail Bosses for maintenance.
• Other responsibilities that vary depending on the individual property being patrolled.

What Patrollers Do:

Patrollers ride in the parks (solo, in pairs, or in groups), concentrating on areas that need more attention and spending time at the parking lots, which are a good place to talk with users of the area. Patrollers wear readily recognizable red jerseys with the New England Mountain Bike Patrol logo. They greet users and offer assistance or advice as needed. At least one member of each team carries a cellular telephone for reporting emergencies. Patrollers also carry maps, educational materials, tools, and First Aid kits. All Patrollers are certified to perform First Aid and CPR.

After each patrol, Patrollers file a brief report which also varies from area to area. The data collected in these reports are forwarded periodically to the land managers.

How to become a Patroller:

Prospective Patrollers must NEMBA members and complete First Aid and CPR certification, participate in their chapter's Patrol training clinic, and participate in orientation rides before officially becoming part of the Patrol. These clinics are focused on the specific needs of that chapters patrol. Topics include, but are not limited to: emergency response, park policy, bike repair, communications skills, common on-trail scenarios, and logistics. If you're interested in joining the New England Mountain Bike patrol, please contact the Patrol Director.