Hi there.

Im new to this forum but not new to NEMBA or mountain biking.

Id like to get a discussion started on MTB trail mapping using OpenStreetmap (OSM). In our last chapter meeting (Wachuessett) I learned that OSM mapping was discussed at the recent MTB summit. It would be great if someone can point me to relevant slide material.

But even without seeing that presentation there are a few things that Id like to discuss with the greater MTB community since I and others have been mapping our local trails in OSM. Are there are any existing guidelines that we should follow for mapping MTB trails. One obvious one is to keep illegal trails off the map. While there are MTB related tags in OSM, none of the popular OSM rendering services (like HikeCycle for example) use these tags.

In trail systems local to me it appears that contributors have adopted the convention of marking purpose built MTB trails as cyclepaths. That results in them being rendered as dashed blue lines on OSM. I actually like that, since it quickly highlights MTB singletracks on the map. But it does stand in conflict with the general OSM policy where any trail that allows bicycles should be listed as bicycles-permitted.