Hey, anyone else tried these new cordless chainsaws... I just got one back at thanksgiving.. I got out today and played with it a bit.. Got to say it's exceeded my expectations.... I'll probably do a write up on my blog later after a bit more use.. but I got to say,.. for $200 (like $160 for the same unit with a wimpier battery)

now it's not a "woodland clearing" tool... but for the basic large branch/small tree after the storm clean up tool, It'll work!
I cut a "tree" (good 9 inches Dia) down and into a 3 manageable pieces,. walked down my short trail to the mailbox (about 1/8 mile long) clearing downed branches, clipping back small (1" dia or so,) brush and crap. Couple of larger branches (4-6") and cut them up into small logs.. bla bla bla.. good hour of use easy.. Still had 1/2 charge.

Pretty impressed!!