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Thread: Snow ride vids

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    Thanks, should be all set to view. I will look for that form.

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    actually scratch that.. I don't think they have the form anymore as just everyone was using it... I believe now you just upload it, if it comes up blocked they send you an e-mail with a link to the "fair use" for the song and you just click through the thing stating you've actually purchased the song, and that you aren't using it for profit. Also always put name and artist in the video and 99% of the time they'll just put the little side link to places of purchase. you can do it in the software before upload or you can do the little bubble right in the youtube interface...

    Honestly they haven't blocked anything of mine but one song in yrs....

    you can also just use vimeo,.. as long as you are only putting up a video a week or so, it's under 500meg (use 720 not 1080 and keep it under 5 mins usually does that), or you can pay for Vimeo storage

    and yes, the vid is viewable now
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