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Thread: cheap cost but amazing light for the $$

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    Default cheap cost but amazing light for the $$

    I have a boatload of experience with led light systems both bought and home brewed

    this thing is the real deal. best deal I have ever seen, and when I took apart the light it is
    very well built for a freaking steal of a price. I think it is a clone of Lupine Piko series
    (which are 400 bucks) or Gemini Duo (187.00)

    it should only take 14 days to arrive. at time of this post $46.46 free shipping.
    the battery pack itself might not be 100% waterproof, and since I have my own 18650's
    for other lights I own, I picked this 8.4v case to use in case the yinding pack dies, or if I want
    more runtime (I wrapped the yinding pack in silicone tape for water protection)

    PANNOVO B-C04 Water Resistant 4 x 18650 Battery Pack Case for Bike Lamp - Black
    Item# 254957

    This light is very tiny and throws a ton of light down the trail. I cannot explain
    how small it is, except you can fit three light heads in your palm. it is smaller
    than a garmin edge (thicker though) or about the size of two cateye cylometers.

    OK for reference here is an original 150 MiNewt vs this. yinding has 10x more lumens and much throw
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    You won't be missed.


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