Got this from Mark;

Annual Banquet - Call for Volunteers

As the 2013 season winds down, it is time to consider plans for recognition of the season's champions.

Last year the annual banquet celebration was put on hiatus, as there were no notable member volunteer hours offered up to assist with the significant effort required to put on these festivities. Therefore, it was necessary to pass on the usual banquet fun and camraderie, and instead the awards were mailed.

As a membership organization, it is time to again seek out the member preferences for handling this year's awards. Mail awards or return to an annual banquet? If a banquet is preferred, we hope to hear from enough volunteers willing to contribute to the effort of making this happen. Please contact one of the following officers soon to let us know.

Denis Laliberte, President --- 603-529-3800
Mark Fleischer, Treasurer ---
Randi Whitney, Secretary ---

Thank you for sending Randi your contact list.

As for the tryke race. I bought the trykes myself and they are up here at the farm. The only way possible to have the tryke race would be to have me drive down from upstate NY to put it on. I could do this if their is a banquet, interest in the tryke race and I'm not buried in snow.

The Maz