1 pair WTB Moto raptor 26x2.24 tires
1 brand new, 2nd only a few rides, excellent condition, $30.00
contact me bobforster@yahoo.com

WTB Moto Raptor 2.24 (52/54) :
WTB Comp 650g, WTB Race 595g, WTB Laser FR 695g.
Moto Raptor
With their open, deep tread pattern, "exo-skeleton" of linked blocks, and earth shattering, dirt stabbing abilities, the Moto's are built for aggressive riders and all rough riding conditions from wet roots and stones to hard rock and sand.

Delivering outstanding cornering, climbing, and braking traction, along with amazing multi-soil versatility, it's no wonder it's been the tire of choice for downhillers, freeriders, and trail riders around the globe.