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Thread: Leominster Ride- Thank you

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    Default Leominster Ride- Thank you

    Big thank you to the folks who organized todays ride in LSF. First time at the park and the route was was well marked and a great mix of terrain. Hillbilly Heaven turned out to be one of our favorites.

    Also the oasis of water and cookies around mile seven was a great surprise and treat.

    Thank you all great event.

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    This was a really great event, I just wish my derailleur didn't break and I could have finished the loop! Really sweet, a lot of new trails I hadn't seen. Some of it gets pretty dodgy when wet!

    Thanks for setting it up!

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    I was surprised to have stayed upright with the wet boardwalks, roots and rock gardens. Was quite a workout. And who else was out there during the rain?
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    Thanks everyone for braving the weather, insects and slippery conditions and coming out over the holiday weekend. The turn-out surpassed our expectations and made all of the planning and preparations worth while. This was our first event in a l o n g time and we have ideas to make it better next year.

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    Default Track or Link to Route?

    I would have loved to do this ride. Leominster's not real close but I try and get over there a couple times a year, great trails, especially the new ones!

    I was away labor day weekend. Did anyone record the ride to Strava, Garmin Connect, etc, or have a link or scan of the route? I think I've ridden most of the trails there but it's always fun to find new ways to link things together.

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