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Thread: Help Reduce Trailhead Conflict at the LLF

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    Exclamation Help Reduce Trailhead Conflict at the LLF

    Some of the neighbors near the Turning Mill parking lot are becoming upset at mountain bikers, and we urge everyone to go the extra mile to be good neighbors and help dispel some of these bad feelings. Please spread the word to your riding friends who enjoy the LLF:

    1. Please respect the neighborhood around Turning Mill if you use the powerlines parking
    2. If the lot is full, please go park elsewhere (Stop & Shop) - not on the side of the neighborhood roads
    3. Please observe the restriction on no parking 1/2-hour after sunset. Parking tickets are being issued
    4. Please use common sense and don't change out of your kit where people can see you. Change in private in your car or when you get home. Being publicly naked isn't OK. The neighbors have been complaining about this in particular - remember families with children live all around there and walk by the parking lot frequently.
    5. Please help keep the lot clean. Leave No Trace, and use the trash/recycling barrels located near the kiosk

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    Good advice. I'd also add to make sure you're driving slow through the neighborhood as there's a lot of kids out playing, riding bikes, etc. And turkeys too.

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