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...at least until the marketing departments start the hype about how it's time to come back to 26".
It's seems that many who swore by 29" when it was the newest and bestest have slid on over to 650b, the next newest and bestest.

I'm predicting that about 5 years out, 26" wheels will once again be the newest and bestest.
Think your totally wrong about the 29'er crowd going to 650b. Might be some converts but I believe the majority are still digging the wagon wheel size and nothing wrong with that.

Keep dreaming about the return to 26" all you want and check back in 5 years. How much time have you spent on a 650b bike anyway? Most of the people who think it's all hype and marketing BS have never even ridden one for any extended period of time over a wide range of conditions and terrain.