I wouldn't buy without riding either! Totally agree there. Fortunately for me the Satori was in the demo fleet when I was looking and I also took out a Rocky Mountain and an Ibis Mojo 26er just for comparison. That was 2 years ago though, I guess their fleet has gotten smaller. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you get. Good luck

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I went to JRA. I would love to buy from them, but they have a policy of not letting bikes on the trail. They have the Scalpel and Rocky listed above. I just can't sink that much money into a bike without riding it the way that it would be intended to ride. I asked, and they don't have any of the bikes in the demo fleet. Really just Pivot and Ibis, which are out of my price range. I looked at the Hei Hei, and I think that I'd have a better part spec on the bikes that I've narrowed it down to. I appreciate the thoughts though, and I really wish that I could try some of the bikes that JRA has.