Don't be scared off or worried about the 650b wheel size as these are pretty much gonna replace the 26" size going forward. About the only holdout now is Specialized. Plenty of good tires, rims, and forks now available and plenty of new bikes available and in the pipeline. Ride a 650b bike for awhile then get back on the 26" bike and you'll really appreciate the difference with 650b. I've have a converted 2008 Cannondale Prophet to full 650b, had a 2011 Jamis Dakar B2 650b, and now a Banshee Spitfire V2 650b I'm building. Love the wheel size. The Jamis (130mm F/B and 69 degree HA) was excellent but I wanted a bit more travel and slacker head angle so I got the new Banshee. If you're interested in a Jamis I have a dealer who will really work with you on price. PM me.

I'd also have a look at the new 2014 Trek Remedy 650b bikes. 140mm travel F/B and you can set the head angle to either 67.5 or 68.2 degrees with a flip chip in the linkage. 68.2 degrees is really plenty steep for an all around trail bike and 140mm travel hits the sweet spot IMO

Did you look at the 2014 Trek Fuel EX and Remedy 29'ers? Really nice if you want to go the 29'er route but the SC TB is very nice also and quite popular. I know of a very slightly used 2013 TBcarbon that's available that I think is the right size for you (he's going 650b and wants it gone)