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    I demoed one of the new RIP9 alloy bikes at NEMBAFest - I loved it, but knew that a new bike was not in my immediate future (two kids in college). Nothing wrong with a little bike lust.

    The first ride at home after NEMBAFest I find a crack in the rear triangle of my 2010 RIP9, I'm crushed knowing I'm 7 months outside my warranty. I figure worst case I'll be buying a new rear triangle from Niner, which sucks, but whatever. After going around the the none-too-helpful bike shop I ended up with a 2014 RIP alloy as a warranty replacement - NICE!

    Awesome machine - more travel, slacker head angle, lighter and it looks beefier in all the right places - 142 rear end helps I'm sure. Oh and its GREEN.

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