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Thread: Red Tail trail up & down - easy to find and follow?

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    Default Red Tail trail up & down - easy to find and follow?

    Camping in Glen later this week and looking to ride Red Tail Trail up and down on Friday and Saturday morning. Is it fairly easy to find and follow? I know it's behind the water tower off Hurricane Mt Road, but I don't know if it's marked clearly. Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated.


    (A guide would be even better, but I had no luck finding riding partners last time I was up there)

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    I rode Red Tail and SticknStones in May with a friend. There isn't a water tower that I remember but there is a parking lot at the top of Hurricane Mt Road.
    From this lot we set out up the only trailhead from this lot. It's in the rear of the lot. There is signage that gets you onto the trail and headed towards
    Red Tail Trail but the intersection where you pick Red Tail up is no longer marked. We were told the sign was blown down so we missed it at first.

    I will make it easy for you; Red Tail is the only right hand turn you will see when headed up from that lot.


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