Donate MTB Parts to Bikes Not Bombs so they can get bikes to Rural Uguanda. See below from BNB's Arik:

We've started a project in postwar rural Northern Uganda to outfit hundreds of community health works with bikes - over 300 of them have bikes from us so far, they have trained mechanics and a workspace with specialty tools to maintain these bikes, and we'll be sending another shipment in September. In order to make this shipment really effective and keep these bikes on the road for years to come, we need many more decent quality spare parts that can be used on mountain bikes!

Check out more information on the project in Uganda at including a short video that was made as we were developing the project. The project is now a year further along, and our International Programs Director, David Branigan (cc'ed) is editing new footage now to make an updated video that we should be able to show soon.

COLLECTION EVENTS: It would probably be most effective to figure out an event or two that will draw many mountain bikers, and then put out the word that they can also bring their parts to donate to this event. We could have someone there to collect the parts and bring them back to Bikes Not Bombs. Any ideas on good events to do this at? Or other ways to do this effectively?

Items we can especially use:
Front Derailleurs anything made for a mountain bike, or otherwise to fit a triple chain ring, road and hybrid derailleurs may work also.
Rear Derailleurs anything made for a mountain bike, or otherwise a long cage derailleur
Shifters rapid-fire, grip shift, or thumb shifters
Chains any type, though 7-8 speed chains are especially valuable
Brakes cantilever brakes, V-brakes
Tubes and Tires 26 (for mountain bikes) and any smaller sizes

Also donations are tax deductible and can give receipts.

I'm going to only be on email occasionally for the next 2 weeks, but I wanted to get this idea out to you now to see what you think.