Anybody just make the switch to 29er or have some older parts with a bit of life left? I need some disc ready wheels and a fork that doesn't completely suck but doesn't need to be anything special. Maybe heading to NEMBAfest this weekend where we could do the exchange?

Back story on the build: I took an old Trek Y and built it up single speed thanks to the old URT design. I tried to get as weird as possible so its currently set up as a 69er with disc in the front and V-brake in the rear. It has an 'interesting' ride feel. I'm looking to make it a bit less goofy and possibly take it to an XC race or two so I need some parts that can still be ridden hard without falling apart.


I found an adapter to take the old 22mm direct mount to IS so the wheels don't need to be ready for rim brakes. Ideally an 80mm fork would probably work best but 100mm would probably work too. Anything more and things would probably get weird again.