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Thread: Free Mountain Biking Instruction at Russell Mills Town Forest

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    1) This is not a NEMBA event. We've worked hard and listened to NEMBA and MVNEMBA to call Russell Mills Town Forest our home. NEMBA is well aware of what we are trying to accomplish. MVNEMBA trail steward will be there to participate in the event.
    2) We've surveyed and discovered that many mountain bike riders are eagerly willing to spend north of $3000 on a bike and over a $1000 a year on gear. Cost items with no depreciation expense, can wear/tear and need to be replaced. Investing in yourself to upgrade and improve your skill set has an instant and continuous ROI. It's done by golfers, skiers, ball players or anyone looking to improve on recreational activities- why not mountain biking. Compared to golf, tennis and ski lessons for two day instructional- we are a great buy.
    3)NEMBA has a $1 Million dollar policy and so do we through Sports Insurance. Plus, there is a waiver form to be signed before participating.
    4) Mountain Biking School appeared before the Chelmsford Conservation Commission June 4th. We were given permission to conduct our operation in Russell Mills Towns Forest with conditions- not having a beer stand being one of them. You'll find us in the agenda and minute notes for June 4th:

    Please come on out Monday. We offer something a lot more personalized than dragging riders around on a group ride and telling them to just do it like me. You'll see it in the three hours. We offer a clear path to mastering fundamentals. The same fundamentals that can turn one into a complete and creative rider. Sure, I can golf with a bunch a pros. That doesn't mean I'll get any better. But learning from someone who can break each skill set down into concepts and components that are easily understandable; we can do that with mountain biking.
    Our two day program is more mentally exhausting than physical. We are peppering participants with a lot of information and drills to reinforce. Once again, check out the free instructional June 24th to get an idea of what we do.

    hope to see you there,


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    After seeing this ad peppered on various sites and numerous forums, I have a few questions:

    1. Is this a NEMBA approved/sactioned/supported event? It's posted in this NEMBA Events thread.
    2. Has anyone else checked the website? $400+ for 2 days of instruction!!!!!!!!!
    3. What is NEMBA's liability if this company takes paid customers out on a tour of a local trail network where NEMBA provides trail work ( i.e Russell Mills, Nam, etc...) and someone gets injured?
    4. Is it legal for a private company to make money via a service provided on public land. I'm sure the City of Lowell would be interested in knowing if I set up a beer for $$$ stand at the top of Hellevator!

    Full disclosure: IMO, it's a good thing to get people into 'our' sport. I believe these folks need the proper equipment, support, instruction, and legal places to ride. Sorry but I still can't wrap my head around why anyone would pay $400+ for 2 days of instruction when any NEMBA Chapter in the Northeast could/would/will provide the same support free of charge. All a newbie has to do is join NEMBA, contact a representative from any Chapter, explain they are new to the sport and are looking for instruction/information/a ride guide......nd I'm sure that person would be hooked up big time between group rides, PYT rides, information on Clinics (free of charge) private tours, etc. I know I don't have all the information on this company, but this doesn't sit well with me.

    I may be way off base with my concerns, but something doesn't seem right here
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