After seeing this ad peppered on various sites and numerous forums, I have a few questions:

1. Is this a NEMBA approved/sactioned/supported event? It's posted in this NEMBA Events thread.
2. Has anyone else checked the website? $400+ for 2 days of instruction!!!!!!!!!
3. What is NEMBA's liability if this company takes paid customers out on a tour of a local trail network where NEMBA provides trail work ( i.e Russell Mills, Nam, etc...) and someone gets injured?
4. Is it legal for a private company to make money via a service provided on public land. I'm sure the City of Lowell would be interested in knowing if I set up a beer for $$$ stand at the top of Hellevator!

Full disclosure: IMO, it's a good thing to get people into 'our' sport. I believe these folks need the proper equipment, support, instruction, and legal places to ride. Sorry but I still can't wrap my head around why anyone would pay $400+ for 2 days of instruction when any NEMBA Chapter in the Northeast could/would/will provide the same support free of charge. All a newbie has to do is join NEMBA, contact a representative from any Chapter, explain they are new to the sport and are looking for instruction/information/a ride guide......nd I'm sure that person would be hooked up big time between group rides, PYT rides, information on Clinics (free of charge) private tours, etc. I know I don't have all the information on this company, but this doesn't sit well with me.

I may be way off base with my concerns, but something doesn't seem right here