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Thread: Congrats to all Buck Hill trail builders

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    Default Congrats to all Buck Hill trail builders

    I rode the new Buck Hill trail Sunday night in Blue Hills up and down and was quite impressed. I was quite familiar with the straight climb old approach, a true pulmonary function test. I have seen the orange ribbons for a long time so I should not be this surprised at the flow quality. Great use of vertical, great design and it should sustain well. We just had had substantial rain and there was no runoff damage. Please post any follow up trail work, I want to contribute. Thanks to all who worked with DCR to get this done.

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    It would be nice to do more of these trail reroutes. Blue Hills is ripe for some trail re-thinking, hopefully this will impress that on the DCR......
    Thanks for the props Mike!
    There will be some work going on this weekend, anyone interested please pm me.
    Steve Cobble

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