running low 30's lbs rear and just under 30lbs front.. tubeless, just over 200 with pack and gear.. 29er full squish.. I've gone less but hate the squirrely, flat tire feel when getting into the mid 20lbs range. do get a bit of rebound off stuff from the tires that goes away under lower pressures, but then I just set my suspension to deal with it and it's all good... diff tires work better at diff pressures also. but really its a personal choice and asking in forums can only give you a base to start at.. working out what's right for you is trial and error... guessing from the posts here,.. don't go much below 25 and going above 35 is going to be a bit hard I'd say start at upper 20's and ride a section of trail you normally ride... add a few lbs.. try that.. take out a few.. try that.. eventually you'll find the sweet spot for you.