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tubes or tubeless? Style of rider?

Tube, XC rider, 5'11" and around 190 geared up. Looking for more traction and speed - typical weekend MTBer in MA.

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30psi must feel awful tubed or not (even for a big fella.) I can't imagine, must feel like bouncing down the trail... not riding it. IMO too many folks mistakenly think soft tires slows them down when in reality it lets your tire roll things as opposed to bouncing off AND you gain stupid amounts of traction.

Yup, that's why I'm asking - gotta learn this stuff! I always grew up thinking you wanted very firm tires, but as I learn more, it seems my PSI is much higher than most. Since I've got new tires showing up today (Kenda Excavators), I'm going to start riding down at 30psi and see what that feels like.

Thank you guys for your responses!