If you come into HP from route 125 at the set of lights where the State Police are and go down Harold Parker road, on the right hand side the single track is much more flowy and far less technical than most other places in HP. Only problem is, there doesn't seem to be alot of it there. Only a mile or 2. I usually start from Jenkins rode and take white rabbit to cross over to the west side and then ride as much single track there on my way to the fire road then take more single track until I come out near the parking lot up near the State Police then I cross over and ride that side on my way back to Jenkins. In total I think I get about 8 miles out of that. Lots of technical mixed in there and I have to walk some, but still much fun! Best bet is in a couple weeks the NS NEMBA Thursday night rides start up so you can always join in on those. Good way to learn where everything is!