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Thread: Suspension Rebuild advice

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    Default Suspension Rebuild advice

    A few years back I purchased a barely used 2004 Jamis Dakar XLT 1.0 from a bike shop in the metro-west area.
    I am a beginner female rider, only rode the bike maybe 10 times on fire road trials, and did not ride for a few years.

    I took the bike for a tune up last week and was told the manitou minute front fork air valve was missing and that the manitou swinger air spv rear shock won't hold air.

    Is there someone who can accurately assess the problem and advise a reasonable course of action ? I am planning to attend graduate school next year, my pockets are not deep.

    Thank you.

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    I would take the bike to JRA Cycles 229 Salem St Medford, MA 02155 (781) 391-3636. Sounds like the fork and shock need to have a routine service.

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