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Thread: The skidmap

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    Default The skidmap

    I wanted to inform the NEMBA community about a project I found online at skidmap.com

    It is a project to map the world's mt bike trails (with difficulty and conditions color codes). Currently they've done trails in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, and a little bit in Australia. Anyway, they like to get in touch with trail groups to help map trails in this project. I thought NEMBA should maybe get involved.

    From their website

    "We are always interested in trail data and recruiting trail critics who would like to champion their favorite local trail system. If interested or if you have other questions, please email us at: info@skidmap.com"

    Anyone interested?

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    No thanks, not with a name like that. Maybe we change it to 'ridemuddytrails.com' or something else unacceptable?

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    Yeah, that name isn't really conducive to an organization that's strongly focused on trail advocacy and protecting the trails, proper riding, anti-erosion technique, etc.

    Cool-sounding project, but NEMBA battles a lot of political BS from people who would be ALL OVER that name.
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    What's in a name, eh? Really cool project and great resource for legal trails, unfortunate name.

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