Yikes, big can of worms this thread could cause! :-) It is really gonna depend on what you want to do. If you feel the Clipins are limiting you on technical terrain, and might be more comfortable with flats, then you can get a good pair of flats like the Kona WaWa's and a pair of 5 10 riding sneakers. From some stuff I have read, you are really not supposed to pull up with your pedal stroke. The hamstring just isn't strong in that direction and you are risking injury. Not sure if others will agree because I have heard similar statements from others about being able to pull up. In any case I have flats, the Konas, with the 510 sneakers and love it great grip, feet don't slide, but you will want to wear shin pads until you get used to them. I rode the clipin pedals for about 3 years but I just didn't feel I could tackle the technical stuff with them so I switched and am much happier! Good luck with your search!