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Thread: Tour de Lyme - a town of lyme andLyme Land Trust MTB event (road also)

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    Default Tour de Lyme - a town of lyme andLyme Land Trust MTB event (road also)

    Town of Lyme has been a rather big supporter of Mtb-ing over the last few years . Just this past yr they have opened more trails to bikes and increased trail milage through out the area.

    They and the Lyme Land Trust are having a "biking event" which will be 2 diff MTB rides or a road ride, your choice. May 11 2013.

    Some of the new trails that have been recently opened to biking on the Mt Archer/Eno Preserve are kinda nice with areas that have nice views into the valleys. If you've never been there it's a great opportunity to check out something new while helping support MTB-ing, and the town's trails!!

    The road GPS track is up and I believe the MTB tracks will be uploaded in the next week or so you can get an idea of the terrain and location.
    The more advance MTB ride will teach you some serious hill climbing as you go from base to summit on 2 of the highest Mt's in the area (ok, more like big hills.. but still .. )

    more info here...
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