Wow, What a disappointing thing to hear. I am an avid mountain biker and I have been enjoying these trails (Earls, and Batchelor Street) for the past several years now. It's an amazing place for recreational activities such as jogging, hiking, and biking right in the heart of the valley. I've actually lost over 40lbs on these trails and it would be a real shame to see these closed. This area promotes fitness and health and in addition to that, it promotes recreational activities for too many of us that are bound up indoors to often. I'd like to hear more about why exactly they are wanting to close down many of the "redundant" trails? It's hard to believe there is a lot of erosion taking place except where I've seen minor erosion on some double track trails. Most of the single track trails are in fantastic shape.

Are a lot of hikers and bikers getting lost and calling the DCR too often to rescue them? I bet posted trail signs and a good map would take care of that! It is critical for us to ALL work together to preserve the network of trails that have been established for our enjoyment. As for mountain biking / jogging trails, they are not redundant, there is not such thing. Mountain Bikers and joggers use these trails for exercise and take a variety of routes to spice up the activity. I call all trail users to voice your opinion and Email the DCR ( ) by no later than this Sunday March 24th 2013. Also spread the word on Facebook